Franchise QIWI

Franchise QIWI:

With our terminals you can develop your own business, in a small space (only 1-2m) without the need for additional resources.

Through them, can be operated payments to mobile operators, internet and cable TV, financial services (payment loans or state taxes).

The terminal’s interface is very intuitive and clear, taking information from the payer and transferring it to the operator within seconds.

No hardware configuration or software is required in addition; the only requirement is the access to an electrical outlet. Connect terminal and you can start work.

How to become a QIWI partner?

  • Step 1

    Call our phone number displayed on the screen or send us an email with your request to become a QIWI partner. We will contact you to propose the best solution! Hurry, this offer is limited!

  • Step 2

    Choose о traffic area for the location of the terminal, so it will benefit from visibility and bring you profit in no time!

  • Step 3

    Receive guaranteed a percentage of each transaction made via the terminal. Do not forget that currently on the QIWI terminals can be made payments to more than 80 services.

    Together with QIWI is easy and safe!

For more information please contact us at:


Tel: 0310 050 624